What Is A Beetle?

You can look at the beetle and see that it has two sets of wings that come in various colors, sizes, and shapes. However, what you cannot see is that it has bad vision and can be considered both a hurtful and harmful insect. That’s right! There are also tons of other exciting things to learn about this critter. While you might only be concerned about getting rid of it, these interesting facts can help you with that, believe it or not. While there are also a variety of species known out there today, it is the Ground Beetle, the Powder Post Beetle, and the Longhorn Beetle that you’ll be dealing with in your area. Ready to get started with your exciting, yet challenging journey ahead?

What Are Beetles In My Home?

If you have beetles in your home, you likely have something that is attracting them. Beetles like all insects need three necessities to survive. These would be shelter, food, and water. Beetles oftentimes are attracted to leaf piles, rotting wood, old lumber, and firewood piles. Do you have these in and around the property? That could be your problem right there.

Are Beetles Dangerous?

All in all, beetles are considered a nuisance pests. This is because they have an immense propensity to invade the home. However, you learned above that they can also be helpful insects. It’s true and it’s because they feed on other insects. Other insects can be a common problem as well. While beetles are particularly a physical threat, they can do immense damage to wood structures and items like valuable furniture

How Do I Get Rid Of Beetles?

Beetles aren’t going to be the easiest thing in the world to get rid of, and this is why it is best to opt for professional care right out of the gate. This will not only save you a bundle of time, but it’ll save you a bundle of money in the long run.

Can I Get Rid Of Them Myself?

There are tons of things you can try to eliminate beetles on your own. However, as a pest management professional, I will tell you right now that you won’t likely be successful. And, this is, unfortunately, because this is a task that requires the utilization of pesticides and chemicals. The over-the-counter variations of these products just aren’t effective. This is because they don’t contain all the pertinent ingredients. The ones that we use are illegal to the general public. It takes a licensed and trained professional to handle, buy, and distribute these products. Anyone utilizing them without the proper licensing is doing so illegally. This is just something to keep in mind when choosing a pest management professional.

When Can You Get Here?

You just learned that it usually takes a pest management professional to eliminate beetles. While there are tons of them to choose from, you won’t find one offering what we do. We are affordable, offer top-of-the-line service and treatments, friendly staff, more than qualified, locally owned, and tons more… Along with this, we are more than willing to work with our customers. This is one of the very things that set us apart. Whether you need emergency assistance, have a few questions, or want to set up an in-home assessment, we’ll be there for you. For emergencies, we can get someone out to the property immediately. For in-home assessments, we usually have someone out at the property within 24 to 48 hours after you make that initial call to our offices.

Are There Safe Alternatives?

You just learned that one of the most effective ways to deal with beetles is by utilizing pesticides. This is true and this is likely why pesticides will continue to be used. They are a tried and tested method of pest management. That being said, we have also started offering greener, more eco-friendly solutions. These solutions might not work in every situation, but they are just as every bit effective. With this in mind, when we have to utilize pesticides and chemicals, we make sure to do so in the safest most efficient ways possible. We only utilize trained and certified techs to handle these chemicals. Someone that is highly trained and experienced in the matter.

We take your safety, our employee’s safety, and the safety of your family in the highest regard.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

Unfortunately, it is near impossible to quote you a price outright for pest treatment. And, this is because there are so many varying factors. The size of the infestation, the location of it, the time of treatment, and tons more… We can, however, say we are more than willing to work with our customers in the most open and honest ways possible. We’ll give you upfront quotes and when the job is done, rest assured that is all you will pay. There will be no hidden fees tacked on. This is a tactic that a lot of pest management firms use. In addition to all this, we are willing to set up payment plans and offer financing under the right circumstances.

How Can I Prevent Beetles

I said that we a premier pest management firm set apart from the competition. This is true, and one of the reasons for this is that we also offer prevention. We don’t just clean up your problems, but we’ll provide you with means of keeping your property clear in the future. While it is entirely possible to fully prevent an infestation, there are tons of things you can do to mitigate your risks. And, just lowering your risks by a slight amount can be a huge positive. After eliminating beetles from your home, we’ll sit down with you and help you devise a means of attack to keep your home or property beetle-free for the foreseeable future. This is what sets us apart from the competition. Give our offices a call today and set up an appointment immediately.

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