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Heat Treatment

Once you’ve found bedbugs in your home, you have a tough puzzle to solve. Unfortunately, trying to solve the puzzle on your own will only make it more difficult. Work with a licensed, proven professional to ensure that you can get rid of the pests as quickly as possible. We offer a handful of bedbug treatments, including heat treatments. We’re confident that we can wipe out the infestation using this method because it is proven reliable. Heat is one of the best weapons in our toolbox.

Using this method allows us to eliminate the pests while keeping everyone in your home safe. While we offer full-scale conventional bedbug treatments, we also provide eco-friendly treatments such as heat and Cryonite. Before selecting our heat treatment, learn more about it below.

We’ll Wipe Out Bedbugs Using Heat 

We’re thrilled to provide our clients with high-quality heat treatments. We prefer this method for several reasons. First and foremost, the process is straightforward and without complications. When we use heat to eliminate bedbugs, we’re going to raise the home’s temperature until bedbugs cannot handle it. Bedbugs die when they’re exposed to extreme heat. Therefore, our heat treatments can kill the bedbugs. Our clients appreciate that we can eliminate an infestation in one visit when using heat. Heat spreads through the home and eliminates all bedbugs.

Even if the pests are hiding in gaps, cracks, or holes, the heat will eliminate them. The hot temperatures will seep through the gap, reach the bugs, and kill them. Plus, it will kill bedbugs at all life stages, including eggs and larvae. Our technicians will use heat machines to raise the temperature in the client’s home to 140-degrees or higher. When bedbugs are exposed to these extreme temperatures, they’ll either escape or die.

The temperature has to be maintained for several hours to guarantee satisfactory results.

Highly Reliable

We always recommend our clients pick reliable bedbug treatments. Although there are other options, we believe heat is one of the best options. Other professional exterminators will agree that the method is highly reliable. No bedbug extermination method is perfect, but some come closer than others. Heat gets as close as you can. It is easily one of the most effective ways to eliminate bedbugs. Killing bedbugs with heat is easy since bedbugs won’t be able to avoid these hot temperatures.

Once we’ve used our heat machines to raise the home’s temperatures, the bedbugs inside will die. If they can’t find a way to escape the dwelling, they will die.

Paying Close Attention To The Temperature

The exterminator has to be proactive when eliminate bedbugs using heat. We have to carefully monitor the temperatures to ensure that they don’t fluctuate. If the temperatures rise or drop too much, the effectiveness of our services won’t cut it. Thankfully, we employ the best exterminators in the industry. Our technicians will carefully monitor the temperatures to ensure that you’re going to receive high-quality results. We’ll make sure that the temperatures remain at 140 degrees for two hours to four hours.

When we follow our protocols and maintain the correct temperatures, we will eliminate the bugs. We won’t let the temperatures fluctuate to ensure the bugs are eliminated with one visit.

Please Evacuate Your Home

We like eliminating bedbugs with heat because the method is reliable and safe. Nevertheless, we always go one step further to ensure that our clients are going to be protected. We refuse to take any risks. As a result, we always ask our clients to leave the dwelling until we’ve finished. We think it is a good idea to remain outside of the home until the bedbugs have been taken care of.

Before scheduling the treatment, we recommend making sure you have the entire day free. You should go on a trip or find another place to stay until we’ve finished. The good news is the fact that our heat treatment can be completed swiftly. It only takes a few hours for us to eliminate the pests using our heat methods. If you’re interested in learning more about our eco-friendly heat treatments, contact our Oklahoma City office.

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