Lady Bugs

What Is A Ladybug?

To the scientist, the ladybug is a member of the Coccinellidae clan. To the common Oklahoman, the ladybug is nothing more than a beetle. Indeed, the ladybug is a beetle, but there is much more to know about this nuisance pest. Knowing this information will not only make you a more informed member of society, but it could help you with elimination, detection, and prevention. To start, the ladybug is a beetle that can grow to anywhere from 1/32 to ½ inch in length. Their most common body colors are scarlet, orange, or yellow with small black spots on their wings.

While this is the case, their legs, head, and antennae are solid black. With over 5,000 species of ladybugs located all across the world, there are all kinds of useful information needed to know about these critters. While there are 5,000 species in the world, there are only 450 native to North America. Some might consider the ladybug to be nothing more than a nuisance, but there are plenty of people that’ll tell you it’s a useful member of society. And, this is because it commonly feeds on other aphids.

This is why the critter was introduced in North America in the first place, as a means of agriculture control. The critters were released in commercial gardens and orchards to help control troublesome aphids. This is a practice that the Mall of America still keeps up. They have released over 2 million of these critters since 1992.

Why Do I Have Ladybugs In My Home?

You just learned that ladybugs were initially released as a means of agricultural control. They’ll feed on other aphids. This is probably also making you wonder, why are they in my home? If they have everything they need in your garden or orchard, why are they in your home? In Oklahoma City, it’s likely because of the weather. Ladybugs are what are known as overwintering pests. This means that they hibernate during the winter months. Your wall voids and attics provide the perfect environmental conditions for them to do so.

Are Ladybugs Dangerous?

When it comes to ladybug infestation, you can at least put your mind at ease in the physical threat department. These bugs don’t bite, nip, or transmit diseases. There are no known illnesses associated with these critters. That being said, there have been some reported cases in Oklahoma City where these bugs did bite or nip homeowners. There was no real major damage associated with the incidents.

How Do I Eliminate Ladybugs?

All in all, ladybugs don’t want to be in your home. They are only there as a means of survival. This is going to make elimination even all that more difficult. They are fighting for their life. In addition to this, these critters do not nest, meaning they can adapt on the fly. To them, it’s just as simple as picking up their luggage and heading to the next spot. They don’t hibernate, they aggregate. This is why it is best to turn to the pros at the first sight of a ladybug.

Can I Eliminate Ladybugs Myself With DIY Techniques?

As a pest management professional in Oklahoma City, we cannot recommend in good conscience trying to eliminate ladybugs on your own. And, this is not just because we want your business. Of course, we want your business, but the truth of the matter is, pesticides and chemicals are usually required for the eradication of these bugs. This creates several unique problems. First, chemicals and pesticides can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Secondly, the over-the-counter and DIY pesticides just aren’t as effective.

This is because they are missing the pertinent ingredients that the pros use. And, the reason for this is because those pertinent ingredients are illegal to anyone without an EPA certification. Anyone using, selling, or distributing these chemicals without a license is doing so illegally. This is just something you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing a pest management professional. This is not to say that you will not have any success with DIY treatments because you likely will.

This is just to say it is highly unlikely that you will clear your entire infestation with these chemicals. You’ll probably only just spread it to other parts of the property, which can be even more troubling while adding to the overall difficulty.

When Will You Get Here?

With the unique properties and environmental conditions of Oklahoma City, critters are always on the prowl, including but not limited to ladybugs. That being said, we are equipped to handle just about any situation imaginable. Don’t even suspect the job is too big or too small. We’ll take on anything with the capabilities of successfully eliminating the problem. We’ll also do so as fast as possible. After making that initial phone call to our offices, we’ll have someone out at the property 24 to 48 hours later.

That said, we do also have emergency specialists available if and when they are needed. As I said, we are equipped for everything. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give our Oklahoma City offices a call.

Do You Offer Safe Alternatives?

Of course, our go-to methods for treating ladybugs are pesticides and chemicals. This is because they are a tried, tested, and proven means of pest control. They’ve proven effective time and time again. The only problem is, they are dangerous. They’re even more dangerous in the wrong hands, but they’re always dangerous. This is just one of the many reasons we adopted eco-friendly solutions. Cryonite, heat, and steam treatments are some of the solutions we offer to the residents.

Unfortunately, not all of these treatments are available in every situation, but we utilize them when and where we can. Give us a call and find out if your property qualifies. With this in mind, we also take the utmost care when handling pesticides and chemicals. When we have to use these methods, we’ll make sure we do so with the utmost care, following step-by-step the guidelines and regulations laid out by the EPA.

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