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Occasional Invaders

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What Are Occasional Invaders?

Occasional invaders are just that. They are critters that occasionally invade the home. There several reasons that these critters could be in the home. They may be just passing through, which isn’t that big of a deal. It could be that they are looking for shelter, warmth, food, or water, which is a much bigger problem. Some popular hangouts for these guys are under sinks, cupboards, crawl spaces, basements, showers, and tubs. The thing you have to understand about occasional invaders is, they are not just one type of critter. They are comprised of several different species.

This means you could be dealing with more than one type of critter, rather than just one, making detection and elimination all that much more difficult. Another interesting thing to note about these critters is, they don’t spread diseases or cause any structural damage. They likely won’t even reproduce in the home. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll want to let them linger in the home. You won’t, but elimination and detection start with knowing exactly what type of critter you are dealing with.

Here is a list of pests that commonly fall into the occasional invader category:

Here are some other interesting facts that’ll help you with your quest:

  • Showers and tubs are common favorites for the centipede
  • Any place with an excessive amount of moisture is going to attract earwigs
  • Some people refer to the pill bug as a roly-poly or doodlebug
  • Silverfish eat only fatty carbohydrates like sugar and starch

Why Are Occasional Invaders In My Home?

Occasional invaders will enter your property through cracks and crevices in the foundation, walls, doors, or windows. They also take advantage of utility and vent openings. However they get in the home, their reason for likely being there is shelter, warmth, food, or water. It is also entirely possible that they are just passing through, as they have been known to do on occasion. Regardless, you’ll want to tackle the problem as early as possible.

Do Occasional Invaders Pose A Threat?

While it is hard to say there is anything good about occasional invader infestations, you’ll be happy to know that some of these critters do feed on other insects. This is a huge plus, but other than this, these critters are not a physical threat. They don’t bite, they don’t even nip, and they don’t transmit diseases. They won’t even reproduce in the home, which is a huge plus. This doesn’t mean they can’t be mentally draining. Just the sight of these critters is enough to scare some homeowners out of their socks. Whatever the situation, always feel free to give us a call. We are equipped with the tools and knowledge and here to handle your infestation.

How Do I Get Rid Of Occasional Invaders?

Do you want to get rid of occasional invaders? Stop them from entering the home in the first place. Unfortunately, this is much harder said than done and almost entirely possible. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be needed. That said, there are things you can try and you should try them because just a little bit can be a huge help, especially when dealing with pests like occasional invaders. Once these critters have taken up residence in the home, it just makes elimination all that much more difficult.

If you suspect you are invaded give us a call immediately. We’ll help you identify the threat, how they are getting into the home, and we’ll get them out. Not only will we get the critters out of your home, but we’ll do our bests to help you prevent future infestations. While we cannot recommend it, if you want to attempt removal on your own, you can vacuum up these critters and dispose of them in a sealed, plastic bag.

When Will Help Get Here?

Just because occasional invaders aren’t that big of a threat, it doesn’t mean you want them in the home or on your property. This is especially true for those people trying to run a business. To some people, they can be mentally encroaching. They can be so mentally intimidating that homeowners are afraid to sleep in the home again. Given the appearance of some of these bugs, it is easy to see how this is the case. Regardless, we are here to help! With the unique properties of Oklahoma City and our innate knowledge of the pest industry, we stay extremely busy.

However, we are always willing to help whenever and however we can. After making an initial phone call to us and scheduling an appointment, we’ll have someone out at your property within the next 24 to 48 hours. That being said, we do also have emergency specialists standing by at all times if and when they are needed. There is nothing too great or too small for us. All you have to do is just pick up the phone and call.

Are There Safe Treatments Available?

Like with most pests, pesticides are chemicals are usually our go-to solution for elimination. Pesticides have been tried, tested, and proven effective in the field time and time again. While there is nothing wrong with this, you do have to remember that these chemicals are dangerous. They are even so more dangerous in the wrong hands. Either way, pesticides are dangerous, and this is why we always stick to the EPA guidelines when administering these treatments.

With this in mind, we do offer eco-friendly solutions. While these treatments might not be as effective and might not be viable in all situations, we try to offer them whenever and wherever we can. Once again, all you have to do is pick up the phone. We’ll get an assessor out to your property to see if your property is applicable.

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