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Professional Mosquito Pest Control Oklahoma City OK

The mosquito is one of the dangerous insect species in the world. Evidence shows the mosquito carries diseases – malaria, West Nile virus, Dengue, encephalitis, and yellow fever. The diseases are spread through the bites of infected mosquitoes. The insects also carry parasites, such as the filariasis worm.

The mosquito diet varies, depending on life cycle and gender. The mature male feeds on nectar from various flower species. The mature female feeds on nectar from various flower species and blood from mammals – humans, canines, cats, and some species of bird.

The mosquito is a dangerous and helpful insect. The insect meets the criteria to be classified as a pollinator. The insect joins the moth, butterfly, wasp, honey bee, beetle, fly, and midge, transporting pollen from male plants to their female counterparts.

What Is The Best Pest Control Strategy For Mosquito Infestation?

Some people tend to believe pests are not a threat. While this may be true to some degree, some pest species pose health risks to humans and animals. One such pest is the mosquito, one of nearly 3,500 members of the “Culicidae” family. The mosquito’s segmented body is slender, with six legs, two halteres, and mouthparts that are utilized for feeding.

Every member of our Oklahoma City extermination team completed accredited pest control and pesticide safety courses. We never treat mosquito-infested properties occupied by humans and/or animals with chemical pesticides. The health risks are too high for our exterminators to put the client in danger.

Our Professional Mosquito Management Program

Our professional mosquito control is designed to target both commercial and residential settings. It is unfortunate, but some victims do not even realize they are being victimized by mosquitoes. On a good note, it is never too late to seek our assistance. Our mosquito control combines industrial-strength pesticide and adhesive traps, with a routine visual inspection. When combined together, we can develop a custom pest control strategy that is guaranteed to offer 100 percent effectiveness.

  • Targets mosquito breeding grounds
  • Targets mosquitoes in all phases of the life cycle
  • Includes initial “pre-treatment” and post-treatment inspections
  • Utilizes an industrial-strength insecticide
  • Each treatment is customized to ensure maximum effectiveness

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  • We are a locally owned and operated pest control company in Oklahoma City
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  • We offer free pest control inspection, consultation, and written estimates

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