I Found A Few Bed Bugs – Does That Mean I’m Dealing With An Infestation?

Once you’ve found a few bedbugs in your home, it is best to act quickly. Failing to do so will create a bigger problem in your home. Bedbugs reproduce rapidly so the problem will quickly worsen. However, some people believe that they’ve only found a few bedbugs in their homes. There is a chance that it was one or two bedbugs, but this is highly unlikely. In all likelihood, you’re dealing with a much bigger infestation. If you’ve found a few bedbugs in your home, it could be a sign that you have a larger problem to deal with. Therefore, you cannot ignore the issue. Even if you’ve found one or two bedbugs, it is best to get assistance immediately. Doing so can help you take care of the problem before it worsens. Don’t rush your decision. Instead, take your time and compare your options. Obtain quotes from several pest control companies in your area so you can team up with the best company.

Reasons You Have To Take A Few Bedbugs Seriously

You may believe finding a few bedbugs isn’t a big deal. If it was a different pest, it might not be a problem. However, you’re dealing with bedbugs. These pests rarely live alone. Instead, they prefer living in large groups. Therefore, you likely have more bedbugs in your home. Even one or two bedbugs could create major issues for you in the long run. These creatures are not solitary and prefer living in large groups. You may already have a large group of bedbugs in your home, but you may not know it yet. Now that you’ve found a few bugs, it is a good idea to find out. Furthermore, you might’ve spotted a pregnant, female bedbug. If this is the case, the problem will soon worsen. Female bedbugs can lay more than 500 eggs during her life. If she is pregnant now, she’ll create a large infestation in your home. Whether you’ve spotted two or twenty bedbugs, it is pertinent to get help immediately. Don’t delay because the problem will only worsen with time. Are you curious whether you’ve spotted a female bedbug? If you look closely, you may be able to determine the bedbug’s gender. Bedbugs are only 7mm in length so it will be difficult to spot the difference. However, you should know female bedbugs have round abdomens. As for male bedbugs, their abdomens are pointed.

Difficulty Of Finding Bedbugs

Ultimately, it is not going to be easy to find bedbugs in your home. These pests are covert so they prefer staying hidden from homeowners. Another thing to note is that they’re as thin as a debit card and that makes them difficult to spot. Bedbugs often blend in with furniture and bed frames since they’re reddish-brown. There is a slim chance that you’re going to find them crawling around on your floor. Instead, they’ll stay hidden until you go to sleep at night. Bedbugs come out late at night while you’re asleep. Your body releases CO2 and heat at night. Bedbugs detect these things so they know when you’re sleeping. Then, they’ll come out and consume your blood. Even when you get bit by bedbugs, you might not display any signs. Bedbug bites do not always lead to welts, but they might. Therefore, it is wise to check your skin for red welts. If you have developed red welts around your arms, legs, and back, it could be bedbug bites.

Confirming You’re Dealing With Bedbugs

Before calling a local exterminator, it is wise to confirm that you’re dealing with bedbugs. Once you’ve found a few bugs in your home, determine what you’re dealing with. It could be bedbugs, but it might be a cockroach nymph, flea, or carpet beetle. With that being said, you should learn more about the appearance of bedbugs. What do they look like? Bedbugs are small pests that are oval. Bedbugs never grow over 10mm in length. They have six legs. If you look closely, you’ll find that they have small antennas.

Bedbug Infestation Signs

Are you worried that bedbugs have invaded your home? If so, you need to use the signs below to determine whether you’re dealing with bedbugs.
  • Bloodstains – Bedbugs will leave bloodstains on your sheets and covers. When bedbugs eat and get crushed, they’re going to leave a red mark. In general, this happens before they digest their meals.
  • Skins – When dealing with an infestation, you’re going to find bedbug skins or exoskeletons around your home. They look like bedbugs but they’re almost translucent.
  • Eggs – Bedbugs lay eggs. Eventually, those eggs will hatch and new bedbugs will be born. With that being said, bedbug eggs and casings will be found around your home. If you find bedbug casings, you know bedbugs have hatched and the infestation has grown.
  • Feces – Check your home for bedbug fecal matter. When bedbugs use the bathroom, they’re going to leave small black spots around your home. These spots look a bit like ink spots.
  • Marks On Your Skin – Don’t forget to check your skin for bedbug bite marks. When bedbugs bite, the victim may develop small, red welts on their skin. They are generally found on the victim’s face, neck, legs, arms, and back.
  • Odor – Bedbugs will change the scent of your home. They create a musty, sweet odor that smells like soda syrup. If you smell it, you might have bedbugs.

What Is Needed To Locate Bed Bugs In A Residential Setting?

No special equipment or tools are needed to complete a visual inspection of a residential setting. However, you need to know the common hiding places to get a jumpstart on the inspection. It is recommended to target the host’s bedroom – bed frame, bed linen, pillowcase, carpet, baseboard, floorboard, hanging wall art, and items on a nightstand or bedside table. To better examine the mattress and box springs, the bed must be completely stripped. Gradually remove the bed linen, placing it in a plastic garbage bag. Seal the bag before transporting it to the laundry room. When the host’s bed becomes overcrowded with bed bugs, some of the insects will be forced out into other areas of the room. Before the inspection comes to an end, all décor, electronics, mattresses, box springs, stuffed animals, upholstery furniture, and electronics must be assessed for signs of bed bugs.

When To Call The Experts?

As soon as bed bugs are detected in your home, you should consider the experts. Bed bugs are parasites that feed on human and animal blood. This is a disturbing fact for many people, prompting them to call their local pest control company. There are no rules when it comes to bed bug detection. Just ask any pest control expert, they all say the same thing, bed bugs pose risks for all property owners. One bed bug could turn into a full-blown infestation within a few months following the home infiltration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will One Bed Bug Infiltrate A Home?

Bed bugs generally travel alone. The insects hitchhike rides with unsuspecting motel patrons and college students living in dorms. Home filtration of bed bugs initially begins with a single bed bug. Remember, it only takes one adult pregnant female to initiate a full-blown infestation.

How Should I Handle A Bed Bug Sighting?

A sighting of one or more bed bugs is enough to warrant a call to the local pest control company. Is One Bed Bug A Sign Of An Infestation? Not necessarily, but it could be a sign of a future infestation. It cannot be stressed enough, a single female bed bug can reproduce up to 500 eggs within her lifetime. Within a few months, the homeowner could be facing a full-blown bed bug infestation.